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Thank you! We've received your appointment request. An appointment confirmation message will be sent once we have reviewed the request; a team member may reach out if more info is needed. Our appointments are anticipated arrival windows and we will notify you when we're on the way to let you know which service specialist is on the way, and how far out they are. The dispatch fee for your area is only $59 + tax for plumbing appointments OR $99 for heating, cooling and tankless water heaters. Dispatch fees are waived if you approve any of the work or repair options while we're there. Once your technician arrives, they will take a look at your concern and let you know exactly what to expect in terms of repair costs before they do anything else, so there are no surprises. Thank you for choosing Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating! You can reach us at 206-489-4991 ~~ Phones are answered 24 hours for emergency service ~ Normal Office Hours Mon - Fri - 7 to 5 and Sat 9-4 Appointment requests sent over the weekend or after hours will be processed the next business day.