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{CustomerName}, We received your appointment request and will be in contact with you to confirm the availability of your requested time shortly. We will be reaching out to you at {Email}, In regards to the requested work summary provided for the service {Address} and requested date of {Date} at {Time}. {Summary} The above listed scope of work is what was requested to be completed. If there are any changes or questions please contact us directly at scheduling@werelectric.com. Thank you for using WeR Electric LLC for your electrical needs. For any future service requests/scheduling questions Please note the following options: 1. Give our office a call at (720) 641-7326 to schedule by phone. 2. Send an email at to office@werelectric.com 3. Visit our website at werelectric.com and select the "Request Appointment" Tab at the top banner (FYI we typically have a backlog of booked work 5-7 business days in advance so please select a BOLD calendar date that reflects availability) Sincerely, We R Electric LLC Service Department (720) 641-7326 or (720) 219-9890